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DEAD Gaming Roster

Our Players

The success of DEAD - Destiny's End At Death is driven by a dedicated and passionate team of individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Comprising gamers, administrators, moderators, and leaders, the DEAD team is the backbone of our community. With their combined expertise, they curate a positive and inclusive atmosphere, organize thrilling events, provide unwavering support to members, and ensure the smooth operation of the community. The team's commitment to unity and camaraderie, their enthusiasm for gaming, and their unwavering belief in the DEAD vision make them the true architects of our community's triumph. They foster an environment where gaming legends are born, and their collective efforts create the ultimate gaming experience for all members.

Julian Mendez aka "ImmortalzRage"

Founder & CEO

As the CEO of DEAD - Destiny's End At Death, ImmortalzRage has consistently displayed unwavering commitment and relentless determination in ensuring the community's success both as a business and as a well-known organization. ImmortalzRage's leadership is marked by a deep-seated passion for gaming, a keen sense of innovation, and a vision that transcends the virtual realm. Under their guidance, DEAD has flourished into a thriving and diverse community that embraces gamers from all walks of life. ImmortalzRage's dedication to fostering a positive, inclusive atmosphere and expanding the reach of DEAD has been instrumental in elevating the organization's profile. They are the driving force behind DEAD's journey towards becoming a recognized and respected entity in the gaming world, where legends are born and camaraderie thrives. ImmortalzRage's relentless DEADication ensures a bright and prosperous future for the community he leads.

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"Cant kill whats already DEAD"

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